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The oldest known charter for Troop 17 is from December 8, 1936. However, notes and a taped interview with Frank "Captain" Kidd discuss Harry Male bringing out Scouts from Troop 17 to Worth Ranch in the years prior to BSA officially purchasing the land in February of 1929.  While no official date has been determined, evidence suggests that Troop 17 may be at least 92 years old. 

The 1936 charter lists 10 Scouts - Bill Christian, Harold Cryer, Donald Cryer, George Lewellyn, Donald Mitchell, Edward Rasmusen, Joe Purvis, W. C. Riley, James Morgan and Frank Metts.  The "OF" consisted of Charles Dobbs (SM), Don Cowen Jr. (ASM), Harry R. Male (Committee Chair), A. J. Fullerson, Jas Hardie, Troy Angle, A. G. Lamphell, W. A. Dean and W. Cecil (Committee members).  James E. Hardis was the Pastor at Broadway Presbyterian Church which sponsored the Troop.   

Known Scoutmasters through the years....

Harry Male Charles Dobbs Edwin Stewart
?-1936,1938-1940 1936-1938 1940-1959
Ibert Turney Spencer Tucker Rush Hart
1948 1970-1979 1984-1989
Jim Harper Dale Webb Rick Archie
1990-1991 1993-1994 1995-2001
Allen Edmonds James Duke Dan Turner
2001-2007 2007-2010 2010-present

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