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Welcome to the Citizenship in the Community MB
Dan Turner  7/2/2014 2:50:00 PM
Mr. Key has posted the Citizenship in the Community workbook at
John Key  2/25/2014 5:38:56 PM
Work sheet for Community 1 , 2B & 6 Meeting with Mr. Key discuss information and common terms. Discuss organization of local government. #2 A 1 &2 Simple map of local government buildings. Court House City Hall Police Station (Main ) Fire Station that responds to your house and the number Water Treatment plant 3 A & B Agenda Item (Big) City council, School Board meeting or watch Annexation training video . What is the issue? What do people want the Community to do or not do? Pros and Cons? What happened? What do you think? 3 5 paragraphs 4 A Small Concern Neighborhood concern about. Same as Agenda Item 4 B & C / 2 A 3 Historic point and Film Suggested Wall Street of the West What did this action create for the City of Fort Worth. 7 AB&C Eight hours of non Scout volunteer work in the Community Why or How does this impact the Community? 8 Final presentation to Mr. Key. Part of this may be used for Communication Presentation. Questions Mr. Keys Cell 817-994-9690- or
Dan Turner  4/4/2013 11:53:42 AM
Citizen in the Community The video that I found for a council agenda (workshop on annexation) has gone past the 30 days old. This drops it off of the easy access page that you come to when surfing this site. The process from the top: Type in FWTV Select FWTV / Fort Worth Television / City of Fort Worth, TX Right side of page click online video library Scroll to blue section click on the +City Council Go to Feb 19, 3013 City Council Annexation Work Shop It should open up from there. All Things Scouting John Key