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Welcome to the Kandersteg Blog
Dan Turner  9/20/2010 12:54:13 PM
Thank you again to all the parents that supported us on this trip - without your help this would not have been possible.
James Duke  7/15/2010 10:27:02 AM
For those who missed it or whose boys did not tell them, Mr. Duke resigned as Scoutmaster once the troop returned to DFW. Mr. Turner is the new Scoutmaster for Troop 17! It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve as Scoutmaster helping your boys become men and the leaders of the future. I look forward to seeing everyone on August 13 at 7:00 PM for our Eagle Scout Court of Honor for 4 Eagles and I hope to see Troop 17 in California for a road trip in the future. Thank you for all of your support. Yours in Scouting, James Duke, former Scoutmaster, Troop 17.
Dan Turner  7/14/2010 10:54:48 AM
Wow what a great trip! Thanks to all the parents and the warm welcome when we arrived! Im sure all of your boys appreciated it too. Hopefully they are all getting rested and doing their laundry. Regretfully, Im back at work already after a few hours of sleep. Parents, you should be very proud of your boys! They accomplished a lot during the last 12 days! Please encourage them to write down what they did, what they saw, what worked well, and what did not. Hopefully, they all kept a journal during the trip. The ability to look back years later and read about what they did during the trip is a great gift to themselves. Thank you again to all the adults that went on the trip also - hopefully all of you are getting rested also.
Dan Turner  7/13/2010 6:17:50 PM
Chicago was a bit of drama to clear customs and security in time. Luckily there was a former Eagle Scout in charge of the line to get to passport control. He took us past the hour long line and put us in the crew line instead Next time your boys complain about wearing a full class A uniform on a trip, remind them that we would have not made our flight home if we had not been in uniform as a group. Plame ended up leaving late, which is a blessing since our bags had tobe screened again before being loaded on the DFW flight. ETA when we left was a 9:22 arrival. Be sure to check the screens when you arrive or check for the latest gate info.
Dan Turner  7/13/2010 4:49:02 AM
We are sweating it out at the airport waiting to board our first plane. Everyone made it through security! Now we just hope the plane will be cooler - no air conditioning in the waiting area. We also just recognized and awarded Graham A. his Kandersteg patch since his family is moving and he may not be at the next Scout meeting (reminder no meeting tonight!). Wish us luck and we will see you tonight!
Dan Turner  7/12/2010 9:34:57 PM
One quick story to share before I head to breakfast. We think Tristan wont forget his hat again soon. The day before we left KISC, one of the kitchen staff found his hat in the dirty dish line. Not sure how it gotthere, but she brought it to me. I told her about our special little lost item dance and she said they just normally have the person help wash dishes...ding!...what a good idea! I called Tristan over and gave him the choice of working for me or helping the VOLUNTEER kitchen staff for finding his hat. He chose the kitchen and spent about 20 minutes on the wash line! I have a great picture of it. He honestly looked like he was having fun and they enjoyed having someone in helping them.
Dan Turner  7/12/2010 9:29:38 PM
Monday night...we arrived in FRA this afternoon and after another amazing feat of driving skill, got checked into the nicest rooms so far in the trip. We walked down the street as a group and has some authentic German Chinese food. It was very good (hotel recommended it) and we had a nice evening after a blistering hot day on the road. It was around 97 degrees F here today - not bad by our standards, but very hot for here. Now Tuesday morning...hopefully everyone is awake and showered (or at least in line for one). We will have breakfast at 7 and then take a train to the airport. Departing on flight AA83 at 14:25h to Chicago then AA2349 to Dallas arriving at 21:05h. Flight scheduled to arrive in gate A24 but yesterday it arrived in C20 so be sure to call AA or check to confirm gate before heading to the airport.
Ashley Turner  7/12/2010 7:19:36 AM
Hi all - received a call this morning (9:15a) from Dan. The troop is about 1 hr outside of Frankfurt on the bus with the same driver they had leaving the airport originally going to Switzerland. Their flight from Chicago to DFW will arrive at 9:05pm. Again, the flight number is 2349. Dan says everyone is sleeping on the bus right now after eating lunch at McDonalds. He is sure they will be well rested after the plane ride home!
Dan Turner  7/11/2010 12:39:59 PM
Dan Turner  7/11/2010 12:21:48 PM
Sunday night. Everyone home safe. Most boys are watching the world cup finals instead of packing. We are heading to Frankfurt early in the morning. *** Parents, please pick us up on Tuesday at 9:00 pm at DFW. We arrive on American flight 2347 ***
Dan Turner  7/11/2010 2:56:51 AM
Sunday lunch. got word that 2 of 3 groups from staff made it to summit this am. check out the link to the gps tracker earlier in the blog. free day for others here today. weather is hot by standards here. lots of new groups here also. more later tonight. everyone doing fine.
Dan Turner  7/11/2010 2:54:54 AM
Saturday dinner...two out of three hikes back - Ill leave the explaination on the hikes to the boys. Some personal messages from the Scouts to you: JP "one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind"; Adam "hi mom and Aaron"; Jacob "hi mom having a great time and it isnt as cold as expected"; Jordan "having fun did an awsome hike looking forward to Sunday as a chill day"; Jay "hi Im having a good time except for the hike that nearly destroyed me, be home soon, love you all"; Chris "its great to be back in Switzerland. Having a great time. Hike was hard, miss you all, bye, love you"; JackT. "hi, its fine, its been a long week and Im looking forward to getting home to give Sam his gift"; Nathan "hike was something Ill never forget. It was really hard brut at the end it was something really rewarding."; Tristan "I am still alive."; Ben "Love you very much, ready to come home, bought you some souvenirs, it is very pretty out here"; Alex "Switzerland is very nice and Im glad get to stay for another two weeks"; Levi "today I hike 12 or 13 miles. It was long and excruciating but I wanted a challenge. It took around 4 hours."; Earl "he stayed up with the horses and never complained. Had a great time with the other boys".
David Taylor  7/9/2010 9:00:17 AM
On the Kandersteg website is a photo gallery that has a picture of some of the boys. On the left side of the webpage is a listing for This Week at KISC-Photo Gallery. The first listing is Gallery 04.07.10. Select this one. It is a slide show and has one of Troop 17.
Dan Turner  7/8/2010 12:25:13 PM
Thursday night...yet another fabulous day! We took a bus to the Trummelbach Falls and Interlaken. The falls were an awe-inspiring display of the power of water. From a glacier far above the falls work through the mountain down into the valley...and I literally mean THROUGH the mountain. For me I fpund it most interesting that someone had the forethought to actually cut the paths along side the falls so that they could be enjoyed. They had to tunnel through hundreds of feet of rock to build the observation areas. From there we went to Interlaken to be tourists. The boys spent the afternoon shopping and sightseeing. We came back for dinner and watched a presentation on "Glaciers, Alps, and Avalanches". The boys all had some packing or re-packing to do to prepare for the overnight hikes tomorrow. Because of the overnight hikes, there wont be any postings for the next two days. Assume no news is good news. Moms and dads, your kids are doing fine. Its a bittersweet day because we passed the half way point in our trip